Issue #1 Photo Preview
Nail gun murders, dirt bikes, and babes

ilm is a visual storytelling medium, so we make a point of telling a lot of visual stories in BRIGHT IDEAS. Below are five selects from five of our favorite image-driven articles. Thanks to Evan Lane, Brent Green, M. Holden Warren, Miles Kittredge, and Meredith Danluck for their awesome work—much more of which you can see in the print edition of BRIGHT IDEAS.

Sina J. Henrie as Anna Bertrand in EEL, who once said: "I'm not vulnerable as an actress, only as a character."

From the "In Character" department.

Photo by Evan Lane.

Three Dr. Strangelove posters on a wall in San Francisco.

From the "Wild Postings" department.

Poster design by Adrian Kolarczyk.

Photo by Miles Kittredge.

A still from Meredith Danluck's "Idol Killer," an exclusive 18-frame film.

Photo by Meredith Danluck.

The opening house sequence from Brent Green's Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

From the "On Set" department.

Photos by Brent Green.

A 16-year-old riding at 12 o'clock in M. Holden Warren's Ballad of Baltimore.

Photo by M. Holden Warren.